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What type of RVs does Cité caravane rent?
Cité caravane offers Class A, Class B, Class B+ , Class C, and Class C Mercedes-Benz for rent.


What are the qualifications to rent an RV from Cité caravane?
In order to rent a Cité caravane RV, you must be at least 25 years old, posses a valid driver's license.

Do I need a special driver's license to drive an RV?
Absolutely not! When you pick up your RV from Cité Caravane all those who will drive the motorhome must present a full non-provisional driver's license. Cité Caravane requires the names of all licensed drivers who will be operating the RV. All drivers MUST be at least 25 years old.

What are Cité Caravane's booking requirements?
We require a three-day minimum rental period and a $400 deposit is required at the time of reservation.

Where and when do I pick up and drop off my rental RV?
Rentals must be picked up and dropped off at the following location.
Cité Caravane : 170 rue Dubois St-Eustache J7P 4W9
Rental pick ups are from 3pm-5pm, Monday-Friday. Drop-off is between 8am-10am on your scheduled return date.


Are RVs easy to use?
Yes. Before you depart, a Cité Caravane specialist will provide instructions on the motorhome and show you how to operate the vehicle and its features. If you visit our video section @ it will greatly accelerate your pick up process

Is it possible to keep the RV longer than my originally scheduled rental period?
This depends completely upon availability. If you want to extend your rental period, contact us as soon as possible and we'll look into it for you. Otherwise, you will be subject to late fees for each hour past your scheduled return time.



Are there any additional charges for my rental RV?
A non-refundable 300$ deposit is required at the time of booking (per rental week)
A security deposit of 2500$ is required at the time of pick up (depending on model)
The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it was rented, and all holding tanks must be emptied or an additional $35 cleaning fee will apply.
The gas tanks will be at a certain level at the time of rental and must be at the same level upon return. If not, a 3$/Liter refueling fee will be charged.
A $100.00-500.00$ cleaning fee will be charged if the vehicle is returned in a condition which requires exhaustive cleaning. If the cost to clean the vehicle is more than the amount of the exhaustive cleaning fee, then you are responsible for that amount above the amount of the exhaustive cleaning fee.

When will my security deposit be refunded?
Your security deposit will be returned within 7 days of your rental return. If you incur any additional charges or fees, such as late return fees or additional cleaning charges, they will be deducted from your security deposit prior to refunding.



What is your cancellation policy for RV rentals?

If cancellation occurs 15 days or more prior to pick up, your deposit is not refunded but applicable on a future booking. Note that a new deposit will be necessary upon making your new reservation and that the amount of the original deposit will deduced from the new total amount.
If cancellation occurs between 8-14 days prior to your pick up, the amount of your deposit is forfeited.
If cancellation occurs within 7 days or less prior to pick up, the full contract amount will be charged on the credit card on file.
This contract page and terms & conditions must be signed and received within 7 days of your reservation being made or your reservation booking date. After 7 days your reservation will be cancelled and the cancellation policy will apply.

Will I receive a partial refund if I return the RV early?
Cité Caravane cannot accommodate partial refunds for early returns. You will be charged for the originally contracted rental period.

What are the late fees if I return my RV after the designated drop-off time?
RVs returned later than 10am on their scheduled return date will be charged a $100 fee per hour late. Please keep in mind that another family may have reserved your RV, and we need sufficient time to inspect and sanitize the motorhome between rentals. Treat the next renter with the same courtesy and respect you experienced when you picked up your RV! Cité Caravane reserves the right to report the motorhome as missing if it is not returned at the agreed upon time.



What is included in the cost of my rental?

All motorhome rentals include a full propane tank and come equipped with the basics you will need to use the RV’s facilities and connect to utilities at campgrounds, including a water hose, sewer hose, and electric cord .

Can I tow my car or trailer with my rental RV?
Unfortunately, Cité Caravane rental RVs do not accommodate towing. You may, however, leave your personal vehicle parked at Cité Caravane for the duration of your rental adventure!

How many kilometers are included with my rental RV?
For a rental period between 3-6 days 1000 kilometers are included in your rental fees
For a rental period between 7-13 days 2500 kilometers are included in your rental fees
For a rental period of 14 days or more 5000 kilometers are included in your rental fees
You have the option of purchasing 500km bundles for 150$ prior to you depature.
If you exceed the allowed amount fees of 0.30/km will be charged upon your return.


Is the insurance included with my rental RV?
Yes. All RV rentals include insurance.
The insurance deductible for rental periods of 7 days or more on all motorhomes (except class c 31 feet and class a) is 1000$.
The insurance deductible for class C 31 feet and class A motorhomes is 2500$
The insurance deductible on all rentals less than 7 days is 2500$
The insurance excludes damages to the roof and its attachments, the underbody, the awning, and the windshield.


Is the awning on my rental RV functional?
Awnings are functional on class C 31 feet units and all class As.




What kind of gas do the rental RVs use?
Cité Caravane has a variety of rental RVs that use regular gas or diesel.


How many people can ride in the motorhome?
The number of people that can travel safely in a motorhome depends on the number of seat belts provided by the manufacturer. Feel free to call us to inquire about a specific model.


Is everyone required to wear a seatbelt?
Everyone in the RV, including the driver, must wear a seatbelt when the vehicle is in motion.

Can I bring my pet(s) in the RV?
While we recognize that many RVers enjoy travelling with their pets, others have severe allergies to animal dander, fur, and feathers. When pets have accidents or cause damage to the RV, the required cleaning and repair time can impact its availability to other renters. Because of this, Cité Caravane cannot allow pets in our rental RVs. If there is evidence that an animal has been inside the RV, the renter will be fined a minimum of $500.

Can I smoke inside the RV?
Smoking is strictly prohibited in Cité Caravane rental RVs. If a smoke odor or other evidence of smoking is detected when the vehicle is returned, the renter will be charged an additional minimum $500 cleaning fee.


Does Cité Caravane provide roadside assistance?
Renters will be provided with two toll-free roadside assistance numbers to contact the manufacturer in the case of a mechanical failure or Cite Caravane directly for any other RV related issue.

What should I do if my rental is involved in an collision?
If your RV has the misfortune of being involved in a traffic collision or other accident, notify Cité Caravane RV rentals immediately. Please be sure to obtain and provide a full written police report.