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Make things easy

Baby seat available @ $ 45 for rent for the duration of your stay

Bedding and dishes list
Comforter - blanket
Bath towel
Washcloth and towel
Hangers - supports
Tableware (Plate - bowls - cup-glass)
Utensils (fork - knife - spoon)

Sets of cauldrons
Coffee maker
Containers going to glass ovens
Mixing bowls
Garden chairs
Broom and dust holder
Clothesline and pins
Cloths and mop
Bottle opener and bottle opener
Coffee maker

Be prepared

Cité caravane is the specialist in the field of motorhome / RV rental! It is important to plan in advance what you need to bring in camping, so we have prepared a list of recommended items for a perfect stay. Thanks to this list you go on vacation without forgetting anything, an organized vacation is a perfect trip